Lead Designer for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and TSR author will be appearing at Play

Role-playing, storytelling, and immersion are the focal points of the 15th edition of Play, celebrating a milestone: the 50th anniversary of Role-Playing Games, marking half a century since the Dungeons & Dragons rules were first introduced in 1974.

To honor this landmark anniversary, Play is going all out with a surprise for this edition: an entire Hall dedicated to Role-Playing Games! Hall B is now the Role-Playing Games Hall.

We have more, exciting news, though. We are thrilled to announce that David "Zeb" Cook, one of the most influential game designers in the history of role-playing games, will be joining Play in collaboration with Mondiversi.

David "Zeb" Cook, one of the greatest contributors to RPGs since the 1980s, penned the iconic first "Blue Box" of Dungeons & Dragons. Renowned for creating supplements and adventures for D&D, Adventures of Indiana Jones, Conan the Barbarian, and an array of RPG classics, Zeb also led the design team of 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

It will be a unique opportunity for attendees at Play to meet a true industry legend, interact with him and gain insights into his approach to crafting imaginary worlds and epic narratives.

We look forward to seeing you at Play 2024!


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