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Sopravvivi al Dungeon 2024

Join us for the fourth year of “Masters of Masters”, where1d30 of Referees and Need Games’ Old-School Essentials will plunge you into the flavourful world of Old-School gaming.


Room 400 – Saturday, 18 May, 9:30


50 Years of Us

Survive the Dungeon is an unique event in Italy, pitting adventurers in a merciless race against time. At each gaming table, your adventurers will have to navigate a labyrinth filled with traps, puzzles, and of course a legion of monsters and try to survive.

Oh, sorry, my wrong, the eye of the Beholder reminds me that all action must wrap up by lunchtime. Let me rectify: die a gruesome death and hope you don’t get your teammates killed too.


Think you can survive? Well, think again! Don’t expect to make it out of the Dungeon alive, just try not to die too soon and, if you fall, just wait another 50 years for a resurrection.

You got that right: you’re going to die often and you’re going to die gruesomely. Remember, the goal is to escape with at least 1 hit point left.



Secure your spot through Eventbrive.

Each player must reserve a table to guarantee participation.



No prior knowledge of the rules is necessary. Anybody can play.

The event uses Old-School Essentials rules.

Players will be seated with their assigned Referee and receive pre-generated characters.


Remember, winning isn’t everything; you also have to be able to accept defeat gracefully.


Thanks to support from Enrico Rolando from Forgia Storie and our dedicated Referees, wonderful prizes await you at the end of the event: amazing prizes offered by Need Games, Old Skull Minis’ stunning miniatures, cups offered by Play the Games Festival, as well as the new special Master of Masters award.


Waiting List

Currently, we have opened registration for 20 tables. As these fill up, we will add more tables.

Once all tables are booked, a Waiting List table will become available.

Those on the Waiting List are not guaranteed participation but will be allowed to fill spots vacated by no-shows shortly before the event starts.

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