Lead Designer of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition and TSR author, David “Zeb” Cook will be a guest at Play 2024

David “Zeb” Cook is a role-playing game designer. His tenure as a TSR author, from 1980 to 1998, saw the creation of his most iconic works such as the D&D module “X1 - Isle of Dread”, the 2nd Edition AD&D Player's Handbook (1989), and the popular Planescape setting (1994), where he acted as lead designer.

Zeb has written and designed a wide range of D&D products, including adventures and supplements for both the Basic and Advanced editions of Dungeons & Dragons.

Beyond his contribution to Dungeons & Dragons, Zeb Cook has worked on other notable TSR projects and third-party products, such as the Conan role-playing game and products for the Amazing Engine system.

His impact on the role-playing game industry was acknowledged in 2001 when he was inducted into the Origins Hall of Fame. Monte Cook, lead designer of the 3rd Edition of D&D, has cited Zeb Cook as his inspiration for entering the game industry.

In collaboration with Mondiversi, David “Zeb” Cook will be a guest at the Games Festival to play with you and discuss his works.