Winner of the 2023 Goblin Magnifico award Xavier Georges to attend Play 2024

Xavier was born in Belgium in 1970.
He fell in love with board games at a very early age. Like many children at the time, he began playing the classics Monopoly, Stratego and Risk. He then discovered role-playing games and wargames. He loves all games, from the simplest to the most complex.
When Xavier started to study Architecture and Town Planning, he wanted to design a city-building game that did more than just turn around a track by throwing two dice... it was the beginning of his reflections as an author.
He had to wait 10 years before seeing his first game published, in 2008 with Palais Royal (Hans Im Gluck).
When he designs a game, Xavier first looks for something he can enjoy. And what he likes in a game is having a variety of strategies to choose from, building something that you can see grow over the course of the game. And if, on top of that, the game limits downtime, encourages strong interaction between players, and provides real immersion in a strong theme, it's perfect!
His five best-known games are Carson City (2009), Troyes (2010), Ginkgopolis (2012), Black Angel (2019) and, of course, Carnegie (2022).
Don't expect Xavier to release 10 games a year. He works on his games for years until he's completely satisfied!