InnTale to attend Play 2024

InnTale is a multimedia project for the dissemination of role-playing games via social networks. In less than five years, InnTale has become a cornerstone for fantasy enthusiasts and has spawned Italy’s most famous RPG franchise, Luxastra.


A journey marked by impressive achievements, leading to the Grammy Awards.


The success behind InnTale is driven by a diverse team, with different but complementary backgrounds and skills: content creators, voice actors, writers, illustrators, and musicians. A flawless alchemy that has crafted the widely acclaimed Luxastra, the project that most contributed to InnTale’s fame and helped popularizing Dungeons and Dragons among the general public. Luxastra is a user-friendly webseries with professionally edited and post-produced games.


Luxastra is so popular that its fourth season has raised 200,000 euros on Kickstarter. Luxastra’s franchise also includes a comic book that sold out in a single day and a board game.


However, InnTale’s influence extends beyond Dungeons and Dragons. In 2022, Luxastra launched Navigavia, a new adventure that includes the song “Lei attende”, nominated for the 65th Grammy Awards.


Passion, immense creativity, and meticulous attention to detail have made InnTale into a powerhouse franchise, establishing it as a landmark of Italy’s gaming scene. The team also covers board games, TV series, and pop culture in their live streams and events. Thousands of fans flock to trade fairs to meet them, listen to them, or watch one of their campaigns.