World-renowned miniatures painter Angelo Di Chello to Attend Play 2024.

World-renowned miniatures painter Angelo Di Chello has achieved enormous acclaim in the miniature painting world, particularly for his record-breaking successes at the Golden Demon, Games Workshop's prestigious painting competition.


To date, Angelo has won 66 Golden Demons and three Slayer Swords – the award for the competition’s best work – making him the painter with the most Golden Demons in the world.


While he is best known for his miniature painting skills, Angelo also has a deep passion for role-playing games, especially Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, as well as board games and wargames.


At Play, Angelo will showcase several models from his collection, including the work that won last year’s Golden Demon Classic.


Alongside his team, Gli Araldi, Angelo will teach classes on Miniature Modelling and Painting for beginners and advanced painters, introduce new platers to the latest edition of WFRP, and explore the intersections between Illustration, Art, and Role-playing. Angelo will also once again host two smash-hit, much-anticipated events, the SPEED PAINT and BEER PAINT competitions at Play 2024!